Walgreens Weekly Sales and Coupons



Here are all the Walgreens deals of the week.  These deals include Walgreens sale prices and coupon matchups

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Multi-Item Deals
2-Day Sale (Sunday and Monday)
Butterball or Prego; Mix & Match
Chobani, Kellogg's or General Mills; Mix & Match
Meal Favorites; Mix & Match
Walgreens Balance Rewards
Buy $15 or More of participating Aquaphor or Eucerin products, Get $8 Register Rewards
Buy 1 participating Colgate products, Get $2 Register Rewards
Buy 1 participating EPT or Monistat products, Get 2000 Points (=$2.00)
Buy 1 participating Off! Mosquito Lamp, Get 2000 Points (=$2.00)
Buy 1 participating Opti-Free or Clear Care product, Get 3000 Points (=$3.00)
Buy 1 participating Pet Armor product, Get 5000 Points (=$5.00)
Buy 1 participating TRUEresult or TRUEtest product, Get 3000 Points (=$3.00)
Buy 2 participating Almay products, Get 1000 Points (=$1.00)
Buy 2 participating Gum, Get 1000 Points (=$1.00)
Buy 2 participating Nasacort or Allegra products, Get 5000 Points (=$5.00)
Buy 2 participating Nice! or Planters Nuts products, Get 1000 Points (=$1.00)
Buy 2 participating Nivea producgts, Get 2000 Points (=$2.00)
Buy 2 participating Noxzema, Pond's or Suave products, Get 1000 Points (=$1.00)
Buy 2 participating Revlon Cosmetics, Get 2000 Points (=$2.00)
Buy 2 participating Tech & Go products, Get 1000 Points (=$1.00)
Buy 3 participating Crest or Oral-B products; Get $3 Register Rewards
Spend $15 on participating Dove products, Get 3000 Points (=$3.00)
Spend $25 or More on 2 or More participating Gillette products, Get $7 Register Rewards
Walgreens Register Rewards
Buy 1 participating Glade product, Get $1 Register Rewards
Buy 2 participating Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, Fantastik or Windex products, Get $1.50 Register Rewards
Baby Food & Care
Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper; Mix & Match
Starbucks or Lipton; Mix & Match
Breakfast & Cereal
General Mills or Kellogg's; Mix & Match
Post or Quaker; Mix & Match
Canned Goods & Soups
Bumble Bee or Snow's; Mix & Match
Mushrooms or Mandarins; Mix & Match
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Jif or Smucker's; Mix & Match
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Cadbury or Hershey's; Mix & Match
Chips & Popcorn; Mix & Match
Ghirardelli or Russell Stover; Mix & Match
Godiva, Ritter or Dove; Mix & Match
Hershey's, Mars or Dum Dums; Mix & Match
Nice! Nuts; Mix & Match
Nips or Nice!; Mix & Match
Orbit or Eclipse; Mix & Match
Popcorn Snacks; Mix & Match
Pur, Wrigley's or Altoids; Mix & Match
Russell Stover or Whitman's; Mix & Match
Select Candy; Mix & Match
Frozen Foods
Good & Delish Ice Cream or Pizza; Mix & Match
Lean Cuisine or Stouffer's; Mix & Match
Talenti products; Mix & Match
Home Supplies
Paper Towel or Bath Tissue; Mix & Match
Pine-Sol, Formula 409 or Clorox; Mix & Match
Packaged Meats
Personal Care
Axe Products; Mix & Match
Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic; Mix & Match
Dial Acne products; Mix & Match
Dial products; Mix & Match
Feminine products; Mix & Match
Goody or Revlon; Mix & Match
Shea Moisture products; Mix & Match
Spend $15 on participating P&G products, Get 3000 Points (=$3.00)
Studio 35, Walgreens brand or Provectin; Mix & Match
Tampax or Always; Mix & Match
Aleve or Bayer; Mix & Match
Buy 1 or More participating Omron products, Get $25 Dining Cash at Checkout
Centrum or Caltrate; Mix & Match
Children's and Infants' Pain Relief; Mix & Match
Citracal, Flintstones or One A Day; Mix & Match
Dr. Scholl's or Lotrimin; Mix & Match
Hearing Aid Batteries; Mix & Match
L'il Critters and Vitafusion; Mix & Match
Walgreens brand Acid Reducer; Mix & Match
Walgreens brand Allergy Relief; Mix & Match
Walgreens brand PM or Sleep Aid; Mix & Match