Webkinz Sale – As Low as $2.45 Each

webkinz sale discount

Just when I think the Webkinz craze is over. My girls start clamoring for them and tell me that they are the “only” ones in there class who don’t have current Webkinz. Don’t be fooled that we own no Webkinz, we just have not bought any on over a year and the online portion no longer works.

Well I found a great deal at today at GraveyardMall.com.

You can either get a Spring Webkinz Plush Set of 6  or a Webkinz Plush Set of 11 as part of their daily deals.

  • The set of 6 includes Rabbit, Grey Arabian, Black Bear, Spotted Frog and Google Duck
  • The set of 11 includes 1 each: Golden Retriver, Frog, Chihuahua, Bulldog, Pug, Leopard, Bull Frog, Cocker Spanial, Hippo, Lion & Tree Frog

The spring Webkinz set of 6 is $11.99 plus $6.99  shipping for a total of $18.98 or just $3.16 per Webkinz!

The Webkinz Plush Set of 11 is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping  for a total of $26.98 or just $2.45 a piece!

These make perfect bargain gifts to have on hand for birthday parties or the spring set would be nice for Easter baskets since there is a rabbit and a duck. These tend to sell out fast so if you are interested  I would not delay.

You may also want to add on the Webkinz 9-inch Backpacks (2-pack) for just $2.99 or just a $1.50 each. We have these and spent WAY more.  If you bought the Webkinz set and backpacks, you could have a super gift of a Webkinz and backpack for just $3.95!!!! This is a great way to stock up your gift closet.

Order Your Daily Deal Sale Webkinz Today from GraveyardMall.com.

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