Welcome Live in The D Viewers! – Metro Detroit Money Saving Expert


  Looks like this was on the air again this morning.  Here are some great resources. If you were not able to catch the news segment live.  Here is a link to my TV spot on how to save on Halloween costumes.


I am pleased to announce that I was chosen as one of Live in the D’s new money saving experts.  I will be sharing my money saving tips once a month on Live In the D. This live show focuses on local and national news and explores the intersections of culture, entertainment and lifestyle, and how it affects life in Metro Detroit. You can view it on Channel 4 in Metro Detroit from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. each weekday.

I will on live today speaking about how to save on Halloween costumes. The basics of these tips can be found here.

5 Ways To Save Money on Halloween Costumes

You can find coupons for Spirit Halloween, Party City and lots of coupons for Halloween candy too!

Halloween Coupons & Sales — Candy,  Costumes and More


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Looking to save on groceries? Be sure to check out the best deals at the grocery store each week.

Weekly Store Matchups — Check here for all the sales plus coupons that match up with these sales

Aldi Weeky Sales

Kroger Michigan Weekly Sales and Coupons

Meijer Weekly Sales and Coupons

Target Weekly Sales and Coupons


Looking to support local Detroit entrepreneurs?  Be sure to check out this boutique children’s clothing brand designed and manufactured right here in Metro Detroit!


Exclusive Girl’s Clothing Sweet Serendipity — 20% Off Coupon Code & Free Doll Dress


  1. Kelly says

    Love seeing you on TV. What a great story. I can’t wait to see Bargain Shopper Mom on channel 4 as a Money Saving Expert throughout the year.

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