You and Me From Matilda Jane


Leona Knot Dress and Cinnamon Tee

So I am a huge fan of Matilda Jane Clothing for me and my girls.  I have been buying it for quite a few years and always have a show when a new line comes out.  People often ask me how you buy Matilda Jane clothes and I say it is sort of like a Tupperware party for clothing.  A fabulous trunk keeper comes to my home with the clothes and and then you can come over and try on samples and buy what you like.

The clothes are not inexpensive but they have so so many special details that you don’t see on children’s clothing often. My girls always get compliments whenever they are wearing Matilda Jane Clothing,

There have already been two releases of the You and Me line and the next release comes out tomorrow. The new clothes should be online then at Matilda Jane Clothing.  I thought though to get you in the mood. I would post a few pictures of my youngest daughter in some of the outfits.

Many of these outfits are still available to order.  If you you are in the Detroit area and want to come see the clothes in person, just email me at bargainshoppermom at gmail dot com.  If you are not in the area, you can still add on to my show and just pay for direct shipping to you. Again, you would need to email me and I can put you in touch with my trunk keeper.

Bridgette Dress

Cinnamon Tee & Modern Art Gabbi Skirt



Truffle Tank Dress


Orchard Lap Dress & Amethyst Rose Big Ruffles (Ruffles are sold out in most sizes)


Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Matilda Jane other than I am a huge fan of the clothing. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you do decide to order through my Matilda Jane show I do get some hostess perks.


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