I love to entertain at my home but I also love to get most of the work done before the party so I can enjoy my time with my guests.

Bright hues of lemonade squeezed from fresh lemons and sangria topped with apples, oranges and limes will help to get the party started.

Since the day of the party was also the day of my daughters’ dance recital, my mother in law and I prepped most of the food in the morning before the recital.

We sliced the cheese, cubed the chicken, made the cucumber salsa, sliced the baguette, and got out all the serving trays.

Once everyone arrived we started with sangria and Prosciutto Panino, cheese and crackers and the Hummus sampler. I absolutely love the Savoritz Six Cracker Assortment.

The Prosciutto Panino was so tasty and looked pretty on the plate.

While people were finishing up the appetizers, we fired up the grill for the Grilled Chicken and Pineapple skewers. I also served the flirty bird wine and the kids had lemonade.

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