Stop stressing out over the “how” and let me show you some simple tips that will have you minimalizing your wardrobe while feeling like you actually end up with MORE outfit options!

Once you realize that starting a capsule wardrobe isn’t really a hard process, you’re going to feel so much better about doing it.

To create a successful wardrobe, you need to know and believe in why you’re doing it. This is as simple as creating the goal of decluttering your closet.

One easy way to reduce your clothing is to put the items that you don’t want or need in your capsule in a box or tote. If you realize you have a need for those items you can pull them out.

If after a period of 3-6 months you realize you don’t even miss these clothes, it is time to donate them or sell them.

If you want to make your capsule wardrobe work, don’t hold back. Just tear off the bandaid and make it happen.

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