Having some simple routines that you follow every day can help you keep your home clean every day.

If you do just a little bit every single day it can make a real difference in how clean and tidy your house can be!

One of the quickest and most effective habits to create is to clean as you go! This may take some practice if it isn’t your natural tendency to be clean or orderly.

Clean As You Go

It can be quickly cleaned if you make a simple daily habit. Add a small step to that routine that will help keep your bathroom clean – wipe down the bathroom surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaning

It’s important to delegate tasks to help teach them the importance of keeping a neat and tidy home. Create a chore chart to help your children know who is in charge of which chore each day or week.

Delegate Responsibilities

Make it automatic to pull your blankets up and fluff your pillows each morning. Make it a family rule that no one goes to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.

Beds, Dishes, and Laundry

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