My husband can be hard to shop for and my Dad can be even more difficult. It’s hard to find unique item that will surprise them.

Our list of unique gift ideas for men has some really cool tech items, games to play with the family and other fun things.

OBLIO PHONE UV SANITIZER AND WIRELESS CHARGER About 3 hours are required to fully charge a compatible smartphone* and an LED indicator confirms the correct positioning and charging status of the device.

OCULUS RIFT S Step into virtual reality with this Oculus Rift S PC-powered headset. The advanced optics produce a sharp display with bright, vivid colors, and Oculus Insight tracking removes the need for external sensors to convert movements into virtual reality.

TRACER 360 VISIBILITY VEST FOR RUNNING OR BIKING This super cool, highly-reviewed,  Tracer 360 Invisibility Vest is a great gift for a runner, biker or even for walking the dog.

RADIATE PORTABLE CAMPIRE This Shark Tank invention, Radiate Portable Campfire,  is perfect for a quickie outdoor campfire at the beach, for tailgates, hiking or camping.