Diy Spa Sock Cupcake Tutorial

These cute sock cupcakes are so easy to make with our included cupcake wrapper template. Perfect for gifts, birthday party favors or baby shower favors.

They are quick and easy to put together and I just love how they look wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon.


- Fuzzy Spa Socks - DIY Sock Cupcake Template  - Scrapbooking Cardstock - Pompoms - Rubber Bands - Scissors - Pencil - X-acto Knife - Scotch Tape - Sewing Pin


Using your home printer, print the  Everyday Savvy Spa Sock Cupcake Template onto heavy, white cardstock and cut it out with your scissors.

Place your template onto your coordinating scrapbooking cardstock and use your pencil to outline the cupcake wrapper. Cut out your wrapper.


 Insert the tab from one end of your wrapper, into the slit at the other end of your wrapper and place a piece of scotch tape on the inside of your cupcake wrapper to secure it.


To make your “cupcake”, stack one sock on top of the other. Start rolling your pair of socks at the toe area so that as you roll, each layer is ¼ inch lower than the previous layer.


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