I love it to be easy with a Summer Party Plan. I hosted 12 family members at my home for my youngest daughter’s birthday.

Aldi offered to sponsor the party with one of their easy Summer Party Menus. Since I already love Aldi, I could get everything in one spot.

We sliced the cheese, cubed the chicken, made the cucumber salsa, sliced the baguette, and got out all the serving trays.

Once everyone arrived we started with sangria and Prosciutto Panino, cheese and crackers and the Hummus sampler.The Prosciutto Panino was so tasty and looked pretty on the plate.

While people were finishing up the appetizers, we fired up the grill for the Grilled Chicken and Pineapple skewers.

We served the chicken kebobs with a fresh green salad, the cucumber salsa, and a sliced baguette which were from Aldi.

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