More Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Ages 6 to 8


More Girl Gift Ideas Ages 6 7 & 8

 More Girl Gift Ideas – Age 6, 7, 8

I always love to give my daughter a little bit of everything at Christmas. I get her something to play with outside, toys to play with inside, plus crafty things to keep her busy on those cold or rainy, plus something to read. Girls this age really start to get into crafting, styling and fashion and you will see several of these type of items on the  top holiday gifts list.


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Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser


1.LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser

Girls ages 6 and up are crazy for the Lego Friends sets and the more popular sets are hard-to-find during the holiday season.  This fun cruiser is one of my daughter’s favorite sets. It is unique and different from all of the other house-type sets. This set includes lots of fun rooms on your cruiser, a snackbar, waterslide and a cool watercraft, complete with water skis. All of the pieces are moveable  and and this cute set works great with other Lego Friends sets. Find out more information or shop for LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser.


2. Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter

My kids love these scooters and they learned to use them within minutes. Use the side-action of your hips to move the Powerwing Scooter along smooth surfaces. Perform tricks such as kick-outs, spin-outs and side drifts. This scooter is features a steel frame, rear castor wheels and it can hold up to a 143lb weight limit. Find out more information or shop for the Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter.



Nintendo 2DS

3. Nintendo 2DS – Electric Blue

You will love the price of this Nintendo 2DS – Electric Blue compared to the 3DS models. Play your favorite games such as Super Mario Land, Mario Kart and more (games sold separately). This system can be play both regular games and games made for the 3DS. These gaming systems are also great for traveling and taking on-the-go. This gaming system has built-in wifi that with a hotspot, you can access online content.



 Fashion Angels Fashion Sticker Stylist Great Gift Idea

4. Fashion Angels Sticker Stylist

My daughter used to love these type of sets when she was this age. Your young girls will have fun creating their own fashion designs. The Fashion Angels Sticker Stylist is a fun and affordable small craft kit. Use the spiral bound album, color swatches and 700 stickers to create cool outfit designs. This is an easy project for young girls that are just starting to design. What a fun girl gift idea!




5. Hedbanz Game

This cute game is easy to play and keeps your kids’ attention. This game was an instant hit at our house.  It’s geared for 2-6 players and the whole family can join in. Players will use their reasoning skills to figure out the card displayed on your head, working against a time clock. For more information or to shop for Hedbanz Game.




 The Complete  Ramona Collection

6. The Complete Ramona Collection

I grew up loving Ramona and Beezus and my daughter loves them too! This complete set of eight books will get read over and over. Ramona is a silly character that all little girls can relate to. Your girls will laugh out loud at some of Ramona’s antics. Parents love that these books are wholesome, funny and memorable. Find out more information or shop for The Complete Ramona Collection.




7. Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Jewelry Box

Decorating with these sticky mosaics is so much fun. This kit contains more than 1000 sparkly stick-on mosaics that you apply to your jewelry box project by matching up the number to the color. This project will keep your girls crafting for hours and they will be so proud of the finished product! No glue required.  Find out more information or shop for the Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Jewelry Box. These sticky mosaics are fun girl gift ideas!



8. Melissa and Doug Suspend

This cool, new game of balance uses a wooden rod to hold your structure and the object is to suspend the metal rods so your structure does not fall. The person with the least pieces wins! The age on this game is 8 and up, but with adult supervision, I’m sure most 6 and 7 year-olds could enjoy this game too. The rods, the base and all of the other pieces fit neatly in the storage tube. Find out more information or shop for Melissa and Doug Suspend.


 My Style Studio

My Style Studio: Design and trace your own fashions (Klutz)

I often give this as a gift and they are always a big hit. Klutz has great craft books and My Style Studio is no exception. Trace and design your own fashions and add your own stylish touches freehand. This set includes clear designs to trace, pattern and texture plates, 8 colored pencils, tracing paper, a fine-tip pen and more. This book also includes organizational pockets inside to store all of your fashions. Find out more information or shop for My Style Studio: Design and trace your own fashions by Klutz.


10. Calico Critters Luxury Townhome

This Calico Critters Townhome is perfect for your little animal families. The lights turn on and off and there is a room divider so the four-room townhome can be transformed into five rooms. There is also a moveable staircase and a patio area. Critters, furniture and accessories are sold separately. For more information or to shop for the Calico Critters Luxury Townhome.

11. Girl Talk Locker with Magnets

Your girls will love this mini locker, plus they can decorate it themselves with the included magnets. There are three main shelves and a hook on the door for hanging items. Every girl needs a place to store their “treasures” and they will be safe inside this cute locker. This set includes two keys, one lock and 18 magnets. For more information or to shop for the Girl Talk Locker with Magnets.



Hello Kitty Friendship Doodles

12. Hello Kitty Friendship Doodles: Create and Complete Supersweet Pictures

All of the doodle books are great for artsy kids, but if you have a Hello Kitty lover, this one is so much fun. This is a great activity for traveling or a rainy day. This book allows you to color the designs and doodle your own designs. Find out more information or to shop for the Hello Kitty Friendship Doodles: Create and Complete Supersweet Pictures.




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