Middle School And Elementary School Back To School Outfits

middle school / tween girl back to school oufits

Last week we headed to Shoe Carnival and bought some back to school shoes during their Buy One Get One 50% off sale. You can read all about our trip and the Shoe Carnival we visited here.

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Boys School Clothing – Mix and Match Outfits

15 Stylish Boys' Back to School Outfits

Looking for some cool boys school clothing? Then you found the right place. We have 15 Mix and Match outfits including shoes! These outfits are perfect for back to school. There are different layering options for warm or cooler days.  If you buy these pieces you could be done with most of your back to school clothing shopping and mark one more item off your to do list. Doesn’t that sound good? Have a girl you are shopping for? Be sure to check out our School Clothes for Girls Article here. [Read more...]

School Clothes for Girls – Mix and Match Outfits

School clothes for girls. 15 Mix and Match back to school outfits for girls at great prices!



Here are some great school clothes for girls. I know how much you all love our mix and match fashion boards so in honor of back to school we made one for school clothes for girls! If you have a boy to shop for we made a boys’ school clothes mix and match article too.  [Read more...]

Target Outfits – Maxi Skirt, Dress, Wedges, Leopard Flats & More

Fun Target fashion board with mix and match fashion. Maxi Skirt, wedges, leopard flats and more! Great for everyday and travel.


I am back with more mix and match fashion from Target. I love this board because you have everything from dressy to casual all with the same 14 pieces from Target. This includes 3 pairs of shoes! I absolutely LOVE the wedges and the leopard flats. The adorable green dress is currently on sale for just $15. You can’t beat that!

If you buy every single piece on this fashion board the cost is just $235.41. (Target pricing can change so be sure to check before you buy).  That is pretty fantastic for 15 outfits!! Many of you may already own some khaki shorts and you may also have own Mossimo Popover Blouse, High Tide  which we featured in a previous mix and match fashion article. .  This would make your total even less!

Links to all the pieces are below. Scroll down to see them all.

Also if you have any trouble with the links let me know. Sometimes the Target site seems to get locked up when I use google chrome.  Also if you have any pictures of you in these pieces or from the previous Target fashion boards, I would love to feature you in an upcoming post with readers wearing the actually outfits. If you are willing to share and be featured on the website, please email your picture at melissa at everydaysavvy.com.  I can’t wait to see you all! 

7.16 Board 1-5

7.16 Board 6-107.16 Board 11-15


  1. Merona Women’s Woven Dress, Green — $15.00 (reg $25)
  2. Merona Denim Jacket — $29.99
  3. Cherokee Flutter Sleeve Top, Navy – $9.00 (reg $15)
  4. Mossimo Popover Blouse, High Tide — $14.00 (reg $23)
  5. Merona Knit Woven Tank, Orange Zing — $11.88 (reg $15)
  6. PSST T-Shirt, White — $12.00 (reg $17)
  7. Mossimo Denim Leggings, Dark Wash — $27.99
  8. Mossimo Trumpet Maxi Skirt, Black – $14.00 (reg $20)
  9. Merona Chino 5″ Shorts, Brown — $19.99
  10. Xhilaration Shae Ballet Flats, Taupe– $19.99
  11. Merona Nala Wedge Sandal — $24.99
  12. Mossimo Scrunch Ballet Flats, Leopard Print – $16.99
  13. Merona Statement Necklace, Ivory/Gold — $16.99
  14. 2-in-1 Infinity Scarf, Navy — $14.99

Buy (14) Pieces Listed Above — $247.80
Save 5% and Free Shipping with Target RedCard
Final Price: $235.41 or $15.69 per Outfit!

Prices may change so be sure to check the current price before you buy.

If you don’t have a RedCard, Shipping is FREE for orders over $50.

You can return any items that don’t work to your local Target store. If you are unsure on sizing just order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.

15 Mix and Match Outfit Ideas From Target

Mix and Match Target Outfits Fashion Board - Get everything including shoes and boots for under $250!


Finding pieces that mix and match help make your clothing budget go farther. These are great for travel as well.  I love to pack items that can be worn different ways. We had a HUGE response from our last Mix and Match Outfits for Spring & Summer post  so we made another for Mix and Match outfit idea board for you.

Prices will vary over time but as of right now you could buy all 13 pieces which includes shoes and accessories for just over $250!!!  That makes the cost  of each outfit just $16.14. Yes, you heard me right… each outfit costs just $16.14.  Talk about making your clothing budget go further. Many of you will have some similar pieces (possibly the jeans,boots and sandals) in your closet already. If so, you could make all these outfits for even less!!

Links to each piece are below – Be to to scroll down to find the ones you are interested in. All the pieces have high reviews from customers. You can read them for yourself once on the Target page.

Melissa Target Fashion Board 1-5

Melissa Target Fashion Board 6-10

Melissa Target Fashion Board 11-15


  1. Mossimo Veruca Snub Toe High Heel Pumps, Black — $29.99
  2. Mossimo Bootcut Demin Pants, Dark Wash — $27.99
  3. Merona French Terry Dress, Black/White – $22.99
  4. Mossimo Women’s Open Front Cardigan — $22.99
  5. Merona Button Down Shirt, Denim — $22.99
  6. Women’s Woven Shell, Acacia Leaf — $19.99
  7. Merona Knit Popover Top, White — $19.99
  8. Mossimo Kaylor Slouchy Boots, Brown — $19.98
  9. Coral and Gold Statement Necklace — $14.99
  10. Merona Chino Shorts, Hot Orange — $14.99
  11. Mossimo Supply Sandals – $14.99
  12. Merona Blue Polka Dot Scarf – $14.99
  13. Capri Leggings, Black — $8.00

Buy (13) Pieces Listed Above — $254.87
Save 5% and Free Shipping with Target RedCard
Final Price: $242.13 or $16.14 per Outfit!

Prices may change so be sure to check the current price when adding the item to your cart.

If you  don’t have a RedCard, shipping is FREE for orders over $50.

You can return any items that don’t work to your local Target store. If you are unsure on sizing just order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.

Target Women's Fashion 1-5


15 Mix and Match Outfits For Spring and Summer



Mix and match outfits from Target

Links to all the pieces are below – Be to to scroll down to find the ones you are interested in

Finding outfits that mix and match can be difficult. I have found 15 outfits for you that you can make with just 12 pieces including shoes and accessories!  These are great for when you are going on a trip. You could easily fit all of this in a carry on bag and look amazing each day of your trip.  All these pieces are from Target and you can buy them all right now with a BOGO sale for just $163.57! The BOGO sale is over now so the prices are a bit different. The prices are still great though and the prices on some items are now lower!

Yes, you heard me right you could have a whole new summer wardrobe for just a little over $150!!! If you already own similar shoes, leggings, or t-shirts, your total would be even less!! Most of these pieces come in other colors if you want you want to swap out the colors on some of the pieces.

These outfits make looking great easy, fun and affordable.  Break out of your yoga pants rut with this outfit inspiration.


Target Women's Fashion 1-5


Target Women's Fashion 6-10


Target Women's Fashion 11-15


  1. Mossimo Skinny Denim Jeans, Dark Wash — $27.99
  2. Merona Sleeveless Shirt Dress, Blue Polka Dot — $24.99
  3. Mossimo Popover Blouse, High Tide – $22.99
  4. Merona Textured Cap Sleeve Shift Dress, Hot Orange — $20.98 (reg $29.99)
  5. Mossimo Women’s 3.5″ Shorts, Boy Blue  — $14.99
  6. Mossimo Lakitia Sandals, Cognac – $14.99
  7. Xhileration Women’s Crop Cardigan, Sunglow Green — $17.99
  8. Mossimo Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat, Cognac – $12.74
  9. Striped Jersey Knit Infinity Scarf, Black/White — $10.48
  10. Women’s Ultimate Scoop Tee, Orange Stripe — $6.00
  11. Mossimo Junior Full Length Leggings — $8.00
  12. Women’s Core Tank, White — $8.00

Total for All 12 Pieces = $207.39 (reg $220.91) Now $190.14!!!

Save 5% and Free Shipping with Target RedCard
Final Price: $180.63 Shipped
**Only  $12.04 per Outfit

Prices may change so be sure to check the current price before you buy.

Shipping is FREE for orders over $50.

You can return any items that don’t work to your local Target store. If you are unsure on sizing just order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.

Love these outfits? Be sure to check out 15 More Target Mix and Match Outfits Here. 

Melissa Target Fashion Board 1-5

Gingham Shorts and Pattern Tank – Fun & Easy Summer Outfit



It’s almost June; the start of summer, warm days and cookouts. The vintage Riviera print on this Boden tank just screams summer to me and I think pairing it with gingham shorts gives it a fresh look. The cropped cardigan is perfect for those cooler evenings (or over air-conditioned buildings) and a pop of color.   Top it off with a shady summer hat and you will look great, while staying cool and comfortable.

Tip: Check out junior departments for cheaper accessories, like hats, scarves and sunglasses. The hat shown below is from the Johnnie B, Boden’s junior selection.


Sizing note: I ordered the Boden Silky Vintage Top in my regular size, but ended up returning it for the next size smaller. If you plan on ordering it, you might want to size down.


Don’t forget to check the current Boden Coupon codes – right now you can get 25% Off & FREE Shipping and FREE returns. This makes ordering this outfit risk free. you can order two sizes and just return the one that doesn’t fit for free.

Here are links to all the pieces on this fun gingham shorts and tank outfit.

Boden silky vintage top

Boden Santorini shorts

Boden favorite cropped cardigan

Boden Palma sandals

Johnnie B hat

Boden Audrey shades

Boden Dotty Pouch


Stripes and Scarves Fashion – Coral/Orange & Royal Blue



I would like to welcome Andrea, a new contributor to Everyday Savvy.  She has an amazing fashion sense and can put an outfit together in an Everyday Savvy way. She is going to highlight outfits that help you look great but don’t break the bank. Plus they are easy to throw on and look put together and cute! Her first outfit highlights one of her and my favorite color combinations this Spring which is Coral/Orange and Royal Blue. We think it’s a fresher version of the red/navy nautical vibe.

Here is a little background about her and her fashion style

My love of fashion was forged at an early age.  My mom was not only an avid shopper, she also owns a women’s clothing and accessory boutique that has been in business for the last 3o years!  It was through my experiences with the boutique business that eventually led me to open an online children’s clothing boutique.  Being a busy mom of four children, with a degree in (of all things) mathematics, I still enjoy shopping and styling outfits for both myself and my two daughters; but now I’m more focused on budget, comfort and practicality.    Scarves are my favorite accessory, as they are inexpensive and really jazz up outfits.

Links for the outfit above.

In honor of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, here’s a similar look with items on sale from Nordstrom’s! Shipping is always free at Nordstrom plus if something doesn’t fit you can just return it to your local store. 


1st shirt: Hinge 
2nd Shirt: Michael Kors  This shirt is 65% off!!!
Scarf: Tarnish
Handbag: Elliot Lucca in white or cayenne 
Bracelets: Cara Couture (50% Off!)   and Sequin  (33% off)
Sandals: Steve Madden  and Hunter (33%)


So what do you think? Is this a style you would wear?  Would you like to see more easy fashion outfits from Andrea?  I love how she finds each piece and makes it easy to look stylish.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Women & Kids Sale Starts Today!

NORDSTROM - Shop the Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids

So just I love shopping at Nordstorm!  I especially love shopping there when the Nordstrom Half Yearly Women & Kids Sale starts! I love the selection Nordstrom carries especially on women and kids shoes.  Shopping the Half-Yearly Sale is my chance to get bargain prices on high quality items.

In the kids department, the carry Tea Collection, Mini Boden, Hanna Andersson, The North Face, Stride Rite, Kissy Kissy and more.

Did you know that Nordstrom now has FREE shipping and FREE returns? So you can buy as little or as much as you want and not worry about shipping.  Also if something doesn’t work out, just return it for FREE! That takes the risk out of clothing and shoe shopping online.

I recently bought these super cute Franco Sarto ‘Flirt’ Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive) wedges in black and they are now on sale. I might just get the brown too!

Shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Women & Kids Sale today!



Summer Gymboree Clothing & Fourth Of July Kids Outfits



Every since my girls were little I have loved buying Gymboree clothing for them. Gymboree always has such fun lines of clothing. They come out with many many lines throughout the year so it is very difficult not to find something you like at Gymboree. They also have great sales and great quality. It is hard to beat.

I love  the idea of having different lines because if you pick a few pieces from a line you can mix and match and have lots and lots of fun outfits.  Gymboree provided us some credit to go shopping and my 8 year old young daughter picked out a few fun outfits. We picked out  the Fun in the Sunshine Tee, Striped Tank , Solid Skort and Pinwheel Ribbon Barrette.  Since these were all from the same line, the colors matched perfectly. I love skorts for summer and so does my daughter. They are fancy but practical. I love that!


These are way way marked down right now so this is a great time to buy. I am considering grabbing these super cute Striped French Terry Shorts to mix and match.




It looks like my girl is sure having   Fun in the Sunshine !




Gymboree just came out with their Fourth of July Kids clothing.  This is a great time to pick up a cute outfit. I promise these will all be picked over by the time July rolls around.



Above is a super cute boys Fourth of July Outfit.    I especially love the U.S.A. Patchwork Shorts for little boys   and U.S.A. Patchwork Shorts for older boys.



This girl Fourth of July outfit is just adorable! It is the America’s Sweetheart Tee, Patriotic Dots Shorts, Patriotic Streamer Pony Holder and Patriotic Bow Flip Flops,



For little ones how can you resist this adorable Fourth of July Romper!


Be sure to check out all the cute clothing at Gymboree today!


Disclosure: Gymboree provided us credit in order to review and purchase some Gymboree clothing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I have purchased way more than my fair share of Gymboree clothing in the past. 




50% Off Scarf Sale – Neon, Prints & More!

IMAGE- FLASH SALE- T-shirt Scarf- $7.97 Shipped with Code MAYDEAL

50% Off Scarves Sale + FREE Shipping

Scarves are a great easy fashion accessory to help your whole outfit look more pulled together. That is why I am so excited to see this 50% off ALL Scarves Sale at Cents Of Style! Just use the code MAYDEAL at checkout to receive this savings. There will be a box to enter the promo code on the second page of checkout.

Flash Sale- Chevron Infinity Scarf- $6.97 & FREE SHIPPING with Code MAYDEAL


Plus, each day this week they will have one scarf on an extra flash sale. Today is the  best selling chevron infinity scarf  (pictured above) for only $6.97 shipped with the MAYDEAL coupon code. This is the lowest price on this item. I have a few and LOVE them! 


There are also tons of print scarves for 50% off too! Choose from over 100 different styles and colors. Click here to see all the options!






Shop 50% off ALL Scarves sale

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