DIY Spa Sock Cupcake Tutorial with Free Printable Cupcake Wrapper Template

DIY Spa Sock Cupcake - Super cute idea for Valentine's day or a spa party!


I just love making these spa sock cupcakes and who doesn’t like warm fuzzy socks? I wrapped this sock cupcake for my daughter’s teacher for Valentine’s Day, but you can make these for any holiday or occasion. These cute treats make great, inexpensive gifts for your kids’ teachers, for friends, bridal or baby showers, or even inexpensive party favors for your tween or teen’s birthday party. They are quick and easy to put together and I just love how they look wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon. If you are using these as favors, these would also look adorable if they were set up on a tiered cake plate or on a cupcake tree.

You can find spa socks for this project at most stores in just about every color. I purchased a bundle of three pairs for just $4.99 at Marshall’s and they seem to be nice, quality socks. I have also seen them at TJMaxx, Ross, Kohl’s and even at Target. All of the other supplies can be purchased at either the craft store or possibly at your local dollar store. I included a FREE template so you can easily create your own cupcake wrapper to match the socks that you choose.

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Valentine's Day Spa Sock Cupcake



Fuzzy Spa Socks

Everyday Savvy Sock Cupcake Wrapper Template printed onto heavy cardstock (link below)

Scrapbooking Cardstock (heavyweight) to coordinate with with color of your socks

1-inch Pompoms ( I bought mine at the Dollar Tree, but they also carry these at craft stores)

1-2 Rubber Bands



X-acto knife or razor blade

Scotch Tape

1 sewing pin


To Wrap:

Cellophane wrap or a medium cello bag (The Dollar Tree usually carries rolls of cello wrap)




Using your home printer, print the BargainShopperMom template onto heavy, white cardstock and cut it out with your scissors. Place your template onto your coordinating scrapbooking cardstock and use your pencil to outline the cupcake wrapper. Cut out your wrapper. Making sure you have either a cutting mat or a piece of cardboard underneath your cupcake wrapper, carefully cut the slit at the end of the cupcake wrapper with either an x-acto knife or a razor blade. Insert the tab from one end of your wrapper, into the slit at the other end of your wrapper and place a piece of scotch tape on the inside of your cupcake wrapper to secure it.

To make your “cupcake”, stack one sock on top of the other.  Start rolling your pair of socks at the toe area so that as you roll, each layer is ¼ inch lower than the previous layer.  Keep rolling until you have reached the other end of socks and it looks like cupcake frosting. Take a rubber band and secure the socks at the bottom of your cupcake. You may need to adjust the rubber band a bit so your “cake” fits properly in your wrapper as all socks are different. Place your socks in the wrapper and use your fingers to adjust and fluff the “frosting” until it looks good in your wrapper. Take your pompom and place a straight sewing pin through the center and place it on the very top of your “frosting” so it looks like a cherry. The pin will help secure it in place. Wrap your “cupcake” in cellophane and tie it with a pretty ribbon.


Printable Everyday Savvy Spa Sock Cupcake Template:


Everyday Savvy Spa Sock Cupcake Template


Spa Sock Cupcake Supplies


Be sure to print the Everyday Savvy Sock Cupcake Wrapper Template onto heavy white cardstock to make it easy to cut use for tracing. Walmart sells a 100-sheet package of white cardstock by Georgia Pacific in the Office supplies section for around $6. It’s great to have on hand for projects. Select a sheet of coordinating scrapbooking cardstock to match the socks you select.


Spa Sock Cupcake Pom Poms



I bought these 1-inch pom poms at The Dollar Tree, but I also noticed Joann’s and Michael’s carries these as well. Joann’s has them in pretty pastel colors.


Spa Sock Cupcake Trace Template



Cut out your pattern and use a pencil to trace around the pattern onto your scrapbooking cardstock. If you chose a cardstock with a medium or large design on it, be sure you move your pattern around so the design will appear in the right place on your cupcake liner. Once your wrapper is traced, cut it out with your scissors.


Spa Sock Cupcake DIY Slit



Place your wrapper onto a self-healing cutting mat or on a thick piece of cardboard and use your x-acto knife to cut out the slit so that the tab on the other end of your wrapper will fit into the slit. Fit the tab into the slit and place a piece of scotch tape on the inside of the wrapper to secure your tab.


Spa Sock Cupcake Roll Socks


Lay your  socks one on top of the other and start at the toe area and roll your socks. As you are rolling them, graduate the rolls by 1/4 inch with each layer until it forms “cupcake frosting”.


Spa Sock Tutorial Rubber Band


Secure the bottom of your “cupcake” with a rubber band about 1 – 1 1/2 inches from the bottom. You may need to adjust the rubberband so that your “cupcake” fits properly into your wrapper. Then use your fingers to fan out the frosting layers so that it fits perfectly into your wrapper.


Spa Sock Cupcake DIY



Put a straight sewing pin with a head on it through the top/center of your pom pom and stick it into the top of your “cupcake frosting” as the cherry. The pin will help keep your pom pom in place. Wrap your “cupcake” in cellophane or in a medium to large cello bag and tie with a pretty ribbon.


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  1. Michele says

    I’m doing a baby shower with my sister who lives in FL. She is flying to Michigan so I am doing the crafty part of the shower and she’s doing the menu and cooking when she gets here. We are decorating for a baby shower with a bakery theme using diaper cakes. I love that I can carry the theme throughout with a shower favor for guests by doing a spa “cupcake” sock. So easy to do and and a bargain. This is a huge shower. Thanks for such a cute money saving idea and the free printable
    (I just wish the template was larger, but I can handle that).

    • Heidi says

      Your shower sounds beautiful! Rolling the socks a bit tighter might help it fit nicely into the template. What a fun shower favor. :)

  2. Laurinda says

    The template doesn’t seem to be working. Can you email it to me please???? I am going to make these for my kids school holiday store. Thanks so much!

    • Heidi says

      Hi Laurinda,
      The file is all fixed! We had a blog crash a few weeks ago and it might have removed the file then.

      Happy crafting!


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