Simple and Affordable Iced Tea Cup Teacher Appreciation Gift or Year-End Gift with Free Printable Tag

Affordable Teacher Gift Tea Double Walled Cup

 This year Teacher Appreciation week is May 4-8 2015.  It is coming up soon so we thought we would share this cute and easy gift idea.

Are you scrambling to find affordable gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week? I just love these double-walled cups and I made this one into an iced tea themed gift for around $5! I use these cups all summer long when I’m on the go and they wash up so nicely. You can fill them with water or any other beverage and I like that they are double-walled and don’t sweat. This one fits perfectly in the cup holder of my car too. This iced tea gift for teachers would make a great year-end gift too or if you have aids or other teaching staff to recognize these won’t break the bank. I started with a nice double-walled cup. I purchased this high-quality, BPA-Free cup at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was $3.99, full price, but be sure to use your coupons! I have heard that Kohl’s has these too. I stuffed it with some paper shred stuffing and included some mango passion iced tea bags. To make it cute, I printed off a cute tag that is the shape of a tea bag that says “Thank you for being a Tea-Rific Teacher.” I tied the tea bag tag around my straw and finished it off with a pretty ribbon. Scroll down to download our free printable tea bag tag.   To save this teacher gift idea, scroll over the photo and “pin-it” to your Pinterest boards.


Everyday Savvy Tea Tag Printable File:

Everyday Savvy Tea Bag Tag


  • Fill your cup with your tea bags or Crystal Light and stuffing or tissue.
  • Download the Everyday Savvy Tea Bag Tag and print the tag onto white cardstock.
  • Cut out the tag and the end piece and fold them in half.
  • Use either your double-sided tape, glue dot or glue to attach the string inside the center of the tag on one end and in the center of the end piece, on the other end of your string.
  • Tie your tag around the straw and if desired, finish it off with a pretty ribbon.

If you like this craft, be sure to check all of our DIY craft ideas in our crafts section.


  1. says

    Thank you so much for this printable! I made a very cute gift for my daughter’s teacher. I did a mug with quite a few packets of tea. It is so cute!

  2. says

    Aww, i love this! My mom used to this for my teachers when i was growing up. But she didn’t have the fancy martha-stewart-esque printable! very nice! :-)
    Pinning this!
    Linking up from the Sits Linky, nice to meet you!

    • Heidi says

      There are so many great places to get these cups. I do find that the Dollar Tree cups break and sometimes leak, but I have found new places that carry these like Walmart, Marshall’s, Ross and more.

      • Melissa says

        That is a great tip Heidi! I will be sure to check those places for cups. I don’t want one that leaks.

  3. Lovelyn says

    Thank you for sharing this great gift idea and free printable. I’m in the process right now of putting these together for Monday!

  4. Tanya says

    Thank you for the idea! It was so fast to put together. My son’s teacher will receive hers tomorrow. It cost me a $1 to make it. I purchased the cup fom a dollar store. I had the rest of the materials at home.

  5. Jamie says

    Love this! The printable tea-rific is great. Would love to do this for my boy’s teachers. I have hot pink , lime and teal cups. Is the printable available in different colors?

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